Soft and Cozy

Daughters are live dolls to those of us who never grew up...Seriously though, how much fun is it to dress up little girls?! 

This little one got her looks from her daddy's side so it thrills me that she has her mommy's fashion side. She loves to dress herself and pick out her clothes. Her favorite things are accessories, she's a scarf lover already. 


Sweater-Crazy 8

Pants-Old Navy


Crazy hair-Her mother

Yes, I bribed her with raisins, which she thinks are candy.

While having a daughter is more fun than I ever could have imagined, I'm reminded daily of how important my job as a mother is. It's fun to play dress up, but the most important thing I can do with my daughter is help guide her heart and will towards her Creator. A responsibility that grows more daunting the older she gets; thankfully God never gives us more than we can handle. :-)  

Being cute doesn't have to cost.

Every time I go somewhere with Nadia I get asked where I get her clothes. Well the secret is, this momma is not your average Carters mom.

Not that there's anything wrong with Carters, except their prices of course, I just like a little more originality. Truth is, 95% of the wee ones clothes are bought second hand. All the brand names for a quarter of the price. I know the idea of buying used clothes make a few of you squirm, but honestly it's the way to go. Kids grow SO fast that you can spend a small fortune every three months on clothes! I want my daughter to look nice but not at the expense of our future. 

Save those pennies for things like coats and shoes. I buy bigger sizes so they will last longer. 

Get neutral things that can go with every thing. Surprisingly, Nadia doesn't have a lot of clothes I just get things that can be paired with almost anything. 


Coat- Old Navy

Shirt-Gap (second hand)

Pants-Gap (second hand)

Boots- Grandma ;-) 

I'll leave you with a few tips.

-Don't look at children's clothing when you don't need anything, they're far too cute to say no to, especially that sucker of a store Target. 

-Check your child's closet before shopping, more times than not you'll recognize you have separates that just need a top or bottom instead of purchasing an entire outfit. 

-Make a list and stick to it. 

-If you're going to buy new, make sure it's something you can get life out of. For example, I just bought a sweater for Nadia that was $16 new, far more than I'd normally spend on one item. I bought a 3T and right now it fits like a big baggy adorable tunic, but next year and the year after it will fit her like a sweater. 

-Be creative! You can mix and match things that aren't together at the store. 

Until next time,

Christina & Nadia ;-)