Being cute doesn't have to cost.

Every time I go somewhere with Nadia I get asked where I get her clothes. Well the secret is, this momma is not your average Carters mom.

Not that there's anything wrong with Carters, except their prices of course, I just like a little more originality. Truth is, 95% of the wee ones clothes are bought second hand. All the brand names for a quarter of the price. I know the idea of buying used clothes make a few of you squirm, but honestly it's the way to go. Kids grow SO fast that you can spend a small fortune every three months on clothes! I want my daughter to look nice but not at the expense of our future. 

Save those pennies for things like coats and shoes. I buy bigger sizes so they will last longer. 

Get neutral things that can go with every thing. Surprisingly, Nadia doesn't have a lot of clothes I just get things that can be paired with almost anything. 


Coat- Old Navy

Shirt-Gap (second hand)

Pants-Gap (second hand)

Boots- Grandma ;-) 

I'll leave you with a few tips.

-Don't look at children's clothing when you don't need anything, they're far too cute to say no to, especially that sucker of a store Target. 

-Check your child's closet before shopping, more times than not you'll recognize you have separates that just need a top or bottom instead of purchasing an entire outfit. 

-Make a list and stick to it. 

-If you're going to buy new, make sure it's something you can get life out of. For example, I just bought a sweater for Nadia that was $16 new, far more than I'd normally spend on one item. I bought a 3T and right now it fits like a big baggy adorable tunic, but next year and the year after it will fit her like a sweater. 

-Be creative! You can mix and match things that aren't together at the store. 

Until next time,

Christina & Nadia ;-)