Soft and Bright

This little peanut was the first to get her room finished when we moved into our new house. She needed something to help her transition and make her feel at home so we did our best to make her bedroom that place! There's still much I'd like to do, but for now it's her favorite spot to take all her friends when they come over ;-)

A few little tips for decoration on a budget.

1. Find more cost effective solutions for the things you really want to get but can't afford. 

I really wanted to get customized stuffed animal decorations but couln't justify spending $150 on a stuffed animal. So I scoured the internet and stores until I found the next best thing. Seasonal decorations are full of surprises, and thats where I found the little bunnies and bears to place on the shelves. 

2. Make your own Decorations

If you see something you really like, try and make it yourself. I've always liked bigger statement pieces, but those are usually pretty costly simply because they're big. For her posters, I just designed what I wanted, had them printed at staples, and bought simple poster frames for the win. I don't think I spend more than $60 on both of them.

3. Save for that items you can't do without

Sometimes there's just that tone thing you "need" to complete a room. Guess what, you can get it, just not right now. More times than not, if we wait and save we'll be ale to get that item and for less than we thought we could have! 

4. Be daring in your creativity

It's okay to mess up when you're decorating. If you hang something and don't like it...take it down. If you're thinking about purchasing (or making) a statement piece that you're not too sure about, just do it. You'll either love it or look back on it as one of those times you stepped outside your box, I'd be happy with both. 

5. Let your child help

Yup, let them help! It's their space! Nadia loves to help me clean and decorate, she can't wait to set up her pillows each morning and put all her stuffed animals in their proper places. She helped me hang all her decorations and was there to help pick them out too. The more their involved the better, it makes them value the "pretty things" that they have. 

Bed Pillows : Marshalls

Posters: Made by me 

Edelweiss Blanket: Pitter Patterned 

Wall Art Animals: Etsy 

Bunny Rabbits: Marshalls

Shelves: Target 

Pallet Sign: Reclaimed Pallet

Swing: Adelisa & Co

Stuffed owl and Elephant: Made by Nonnie ;-)