Let's Talk Lost Things

Anyone with a daughter has probably seen Tinker Bell. I for one, have seen it far too many times for my liking. However, Tink and I have one thing in common (unfortunately it's not her tiny hour glass figure). We both like lost things, or as I call them, my house decorations! 

We've moved three times since we've been married and each apartment has had their rules about decorating and painting. A nightmare for someone like myself, so I've had to suppress my creative juices. However, I've discovered a few good rules to implement into my restricted canvas. 

So here it goes, how to decorate an apartment. 


1. Keep it simple.

More times than not, you can't paint when renting. That's okay! Use the clean bright white to your advantage. White cleans awesome, and it goes with every color. Use neutral colors for bedding/furniture and pop colors with accents. Neutrals stay in style for ever, but grey and teal will soon be out ;-] 

2. Think outside the box.

You don't need to empty that pretty little purse of yours at Hobby Lobby or Pier 1. Think recycle. I believe only two items were purchased from the store in our room. Be creative, you don't need to be an artist to create. Reinvent things. Spray paint can be your best friend. 


lostthings_060 copy.jpg

I made these pillows from material I used for curtains in our 2nd apartment. They're not flashy, but they go with almost everything so if I decide to change anything later on, they can still be used. 


These canvas silhouettes were super easy. I simply painted the canvas with a translucent color, this allowed for the brush strokes to come though to create texture, and then painted in our profiles. Canvas is really cheap and extremely useful, and I highly recommend you have some around the house for when you're feeling artistic. 

3. Find  a husband who gets you.

I know, easier said then done. Thankfully for me, Ryan supports my love of lost things 100%. Actually, he's the one who's found most of them!

This wonderful typewriter was a Ryan find, and IT WORKS!  


This fan, and the box that it sits on, is more of Ryan speaking my love language. He found me the fan a few years ago, but I had a hard time finding the right spot for it until we moved into the place we're in now. It's actually one of my favorite decorations now. 

This Hold Fast bag came with some of our camera equipment and I love it! Partially because all Hold Fast products are amazing, but also because it now serves as a perfect place for all our loose change. 

This is a side of the road find by my sister. Cleaned it up, took the bulbs out, and now it's a pretty awesome candle holder. 

lostthings_035 copy.jpg

This sewing machine is a top competitor with the fan for 1st place in my list of favorite lost things. Another curb find of Ryan's that now serves as my place to hang my most used jewelry. 

4. Just do it.

Half the problem with decorating comes from the fear of messing up or not liking it. Guess what, that's okay! Sometimes things look terrible, and we just have to throw them away. Yes, sometimes you don't like the color you chose, but really it's alright. You can paint over it, re-do it, or throw it away. No one says you have to keep it. Just do it any way, chances are you'll love it. 

These shutters I found on the side of the road, cleaned them up and spray painted them. The night stand was Ryan's grandpa's, a true antique, along with the treasure chest

A few final tips:

Use a white down comforter. It goes with everything! Also, when you want to pop a color or change it up, you can purchase a duvet cover for half the cost of a new comforter. Fresh flowers can really brighten a room, go pick some of those beauties from your yard and make your room smile!


And for all those wondering... Yes, of course I cleaned and vacuumed my room just to take these pictures. I couldn't let you all see my hampers of laundry and unmade bed just yet! 

Hope you're inspired, and I hope you start finding lots of lost things!