Attractive vs. Attraction

The other day I was pretty much all ready for church when my husband asked me, "what do you think about that dress?"

I responded with some sort of  "I think it's fine" remark. He then said, "would you wear it on stage if you were singing today?" Of course my response was no. I went back to my closet with a little bit of an attitude trying to find something more appropriate to wear to church. As I looked through my clothes I had a change of heart. Why was I getting upset because my husband, who cares more for me than anyone in the world, thought I should reconsider my outfit choice?

I was getting upset because I liked the dress I had on, I wanted to wear it; I felt good in it. But what was I willing to sacrifice just to wear a dress I liked? My reputation? My husbands reputation? You know us wives are a direct reflection of our husbands. Everything we do, or wear in this instance, represents them. I would never dream of doing anything to embarrass or misrepresent myself or my husband, or more importantly Christ. 

Why am I sharing all this? Well I though this was a good opportunity to speak up about the very sensitive topic of modesty in church. Yes, I too cringe at the word modesty; it feels like a trap. Like someone is taking away my identity and stripping me of anything creative and fun in my world of fashion. But we as woman know all too well the power we have with our bodies. It's as simple as this question (which I can't claim as my own, my friend's mother always asked her daughters this).

Are you attractive or an attraction?

If I kept what I had on, I would have been an attraction no doubt. So instead of staying mad at my husband I thanked him for caring enough about me to speak up. I'm in to way perfect in this area, but I have grown over the years, thanks to a husband who can be honest about the way I may be seen by others. For that I'm thankful, hopefully you too can join me in being a good representation of our men, and our God in the church house.