Hang in There Cinderella

We've been watching a lot of Cinderella lately, it's the wee ones new favorite. This has prompted some conversation between myself and Ryan. We've been discussing the great message the movie has about being kind and loving to others no matter what. 

As I thought more about this I couldn't help but think that message is something the grown ups need to be reminded of too. We often think once we're adults we don't need simple lessons like the ones taught in our beloved fairy tales. 

But the truth is, most of us can probably identify with Cinderella. Maybe you're in a situation where you feel trapped and taken advantage of. Maybe you're feeling like everyone is trying to rob you of any happiness you've worked for. Maybe you're sick and tired of going out of your way to be nice to those who intentionally try to hurt you. Or perhaps you're about ready to give up on whatever it is you're wishing for.

No matter the case, remember your Prince Charming will be there for you. And I'm referring to the ultimate Prince of Peace. It may take a lifetime, but our true love will always be there for us. He sees and understands exactly what we are going through. He sees those people trying to sabotage you, he sees the way they're trying to trip you up and steal your earthly reward. Hang in there, your heavenly reward will far out shine any temporary fulfillment here on earth.

Be the best Cinderella you can be, see the good in life and in people. Even if they're as terrible as  the evil step mother. One day, one fine day it will be worth it all.