Ronan's Big Day

Today is Ronan's big day. They will extubate him (remove his breathing tube) for the third and final time. He's actually breathing fine on his own, he doesn't need the tube to help him breath; it's there because he hasn't been able to manage his secretions. 

During delivery, which ended up being an emergency C-section, Ronan lost oxygen to his brain resulting in some possible damage to his fine motor skills. We have already seen God work a miracle in this area. Last week we were praying for him to move his arms and legs like a normal baby should, and today we have to keep him swaddled because he won't stop trying to pull his tubes out on his own. He just wants to walk out of here.

However, his gag reflex and his swallowing is still lagging. He can do both, but not consistently enough to keep his lungs clear. He's been on medication for the last three days to dry up his saliva so he has less to manage when they take his tube out. Today we are praying and fasting asking for God to work another miracle in this area. We are praying that little Ronan will be able to build up the necessary muscles and learn to manage his secretions. 

If today's extubation fails, he will have to have a tracheotomy and a feeding tube inserted. We're trusting God, but praying that we don't have to go this route. 

We'd love you to join us today in prayer and fasting for our little man! There is power in numbers, there is power in prayer. There is power in the name of Jesus, and we know he has a plan. 

We also wanted to thank you for all your prayers. We are overwhelmed by the people praying for us. We have so many awesome stories to share of God's goodness. Thank you for your generosity in setting up a GoFundMe campaign on our behalf, we are humbled. 

Little Ronan has touched so many already and we know his story will continue to show the power of God.