Ronan Jude: Part I


Our first baby was a surprise, the best surprise of our lives. After a healthy pregnancy, our little Nadia was born via C-section after 40 hours of failed labor. Simply put, I made absolutely no progression, in fact, after only reaching 3 centimeters I closed up. My C-section was uneventful, both of us were totally fine.
Two years later, we decided we wanted to try for another baby, and try we did. After getting pregnant so easily with the first, I thought the second time around would be the same.

Admittedly, I like to have a little too much control in my life. I like things to happen when I want them to, especially things like having a baby. So you could imagine my surprise when getting pregnant wasn’t all that simple this time around. To add more pressure, we’re wedding photographers who book nearly two years in advance...I can’t exactly be due to have a baby in the middle of wedding season. And that’s exactly what I kept telling God after each negative pregnancy test went in the trash.

I remember having a conversation with my sister about my frustration and how I was worried we should stop trying because, “if I were to get pregnant now, I would be due during wedding season!” She rightly told me I needed to give it to God and stop worrying about it. 
One week later, two pink lines confirmed that indeed, we would be having a baby right in the middle of wedding season.

From the moment the idea of Ronan entered our minds, nothing went according to plan. Little did we know how this little child would continue to change every single plan we had.

This was our announcement photo, taken at 18 weeks just after we found out his gender💙 The one thing we had hoped and planned for, a little boy!


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