Ronan Jude: Part II

To say I continually had to remind myself I was pregnant would be an understatement. I found out I was expecting Ronan early October 2016, two weeks later I told Ryan, that same week we bought our first home. Life was a whirlwind of wonderful events, our hearts were overflowing.

About 3 months into my pregnancy my midwives discovered I had placenta previa, meaning the placenta covered the cervix. The first blow to my hopes of having a v-bac. Unless the condition fixed its self, a vaginal birth would be impossible. That was the only issue I had my entire pregnancy, and with time my placenta started moving into its proper place.

It was my goal to deliver Ronan, I didn’t want another C-section. I researched doctors and midwives with high v-bac success rates and found a team to help me reach that goal. They all supported my desire and thought it highly attainable. I did everything they suggested; massages, chiropractor, walks, vitamins, all the things. I was determined, I was committed, I was going to get this baby out on my own.

As previously shared, my first delivery ended with a C-section because I never progressed. After delivery, my doctor shared that my hip bones never opened up for the baby to drop and place pressure on my cervix. That’s why I never dilated even through continual contractions; an issue my mother had, which resulted in her 10 C-sections.

At some point during my pregnancy, I had an overwhelming feeling that the baby wasn’t going to live. I don’t have any particulars, just this fear that something was going to happen and I wouldn’t bring the baby home. It became so consuming I had to tell Ryan. Unbeknownst to me, my mom also felt the Lord prompting her to pray that God would save my life during childbirth. And oddly enough, my father-in-law also had an unsettling feeling about the delivery of Ronan before he was born. Call it what you may, but many prayers for the birth of Ronan were prayed far before we knew anything was going to go wrong. God knew.

This photo was taken 7.5 months along on our little babymoon. 


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