A Mothers Faith

I’ve been reading through my Bible chronologically for the first time and it’s been really amazing. I’ve also been listening instead of actually reading it myself and I feel like I’ve learned so much more doing it this way. Listening gives me a chance to jot down any thoughts that come to mind without losing my train of thought, and that’s where today's post stems from. A little something I wrote down while listening…

I’ve heard the story of Abraham offering Isaac to the Lord probably hundreds of times before and it’s pretty difficult to see something new in a story you can practically recite. But after becoming a mom this story has a whole new meaning to me because I’m looking at it through a mother's eyes... Sarah’s eyes.  

This story is often told through the eyes of Abraham, and rightfully so because it’s a picture of God giving us His son Jesus. Just as Abraham was willing to sacrifice his only son, God sacrificed His only son for the world thousands of years later. But let’s look at this from the mama's eyes.

God didn’t speak to Sarah about giving up her son. He didn’t tell her his plan. He didn’t include her. He told Abraham. Did Sarah even know? I don’t know for sure, the Bible doesn’t tell us, but sometimes God leaves things out so we can learn from what’s not there. I think she may have known. Why? Well I’m glad you asked; let’s talk it through.

Sarah was a protective mother, she was probably one of those moms that jumped every time her son tried to pick up a rock or climb on a chair. Her son was her world, we can learn this from her reaction to her step son when he tried to tease Isaac. She didn't tolerate it one bit. She had waited 90 long years to have a child and nothing was going to stop her from protecting him. Now I say all that just to say, as a mother you notice when your husband takes your child up a mountain to sacrifice unto the Lord with no actual sacrifice. Am I right moms? Nothing gets by our hawk eyes.

I believe she knew, and she decided to trust her God and her husband. She had learned her lesson, no more taking matters into her own hands. This time she was quiet.

There is so much to glean when viewing this story though the eyes of a mother. This story really revealed a lack of faith in my life. As moms we think we know what is best for our children. We are their protectors, their care takers, their support, their providers, we know what they need. That’s all wonderful and mostly true, except God tells us our children are not our own, they are His. He is the one who protects them, not us. No amount of cautionary tactics will protect your child from God’s plan for their life. He is in control. Now that doesn’t mean we should neglect our responsibility as parents; you know what I mean. I’m talking about the obsessive things we do as moms. Plain and simple, we allow our children to be a god in our lives because we won’t trust Him with their lives. It’s a lack of faith in God, one that’s hard to see, and I might add, admit.

We dedicate our children to the Lord, but do we really? Maybe in some areas. We will allow our child to be used of God if he wants to use them...when they’re over 20. Or maybe we will bring them to church to do Bible crafts and learn Jesus Loves Me, but more times than not, that’s the most of our child we will give to God.  

How about entrusting God with your child's life? Hard to think about.

We dedicated Nadia to the Lord last year, but at the time I hadn't truly dedicated her; it was an outward dedication. After learning from mother Sarah, I made the decision to fully dedicate Nadia to the Lord, no matter what. He knows her better than I ever will, and His plan for her life is more perfect than I could ever imagine. I can’t tell you how much of a burden has been lifted since doing this.

Putting my faith in God rather than myself for the protection of my daughter has completely changed my view on parenting. Honestly, it’s much easier and less stressful; I have peace. Peace that only comes through knowing your child is in the best hands, and maybe, just maybe the same peace Sarah had as she watched her only son walk towards God’s will for his life.