My Scandalous Anatomy

Before you jump to conclusions-hear me out.

Obviously I'm not writing about my physique, my anatomy is far from scandalous. I'm addressing something far more detrimental to your marriage; Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and all the other guilty pleasure shows out there.

Why am I picking on Scandal and Grey's Anatomy? Because these are the shows I’m familiar with, I’ve watched them. Something I’m not proud of.

I'll try to be concise, however it’s a hard subject to talk about because it’s a sensitive area in the life of a woman. Let’s be real, we love our shows!


For me, I knew something had to change when these shows started to affect my relationships, most importantly my marriage relationship. No, watching these shows didn’t send us to counseling, they didn’t cause us to fight, they didn’t draw us apart. So what happened, why all the fuss?

The devil happened.

It seems dramatic I know, but it’s the truth. Satan will do whatever he can to infiltrate your life, and today he’s making great headway by getting us women hooked on shows that dilute our minds. The thing is, we think they’re harmless.

So what’s so wrong with these shows and others like them? I’m glad you asked! Let’s talk it through.

1. They’re Addictive

I can’t count the hours I’ve wasted in front of the TV watching these shows! Shonda Rhimes is one heck of a writer and she sure knows how to hook us ladies! The emotional attachment is really unnerving...but seriously, it’s a huge time thief.

2. They’re Full of Trash

That’s putting it mildly. The whole plot Scandal is built on is an adulterous affair, which apparently the married wife is okay with because it makes her husband happy… (like that happens in the real world.) Not to mention the complete endorsement and exploitation of every other sexual sin under the sun.

3. They Cause Doubt

This was a big one for me. There is SO much cheating and “scandal” in these shows that they cause you to question the simplest little things in your own relationships.

4. They Breed Unrealistic Expectations.

When you fill your head with these intense loves stories where every encounter ends with some sort of passionate love session, you can grow discontent. Hollywood creates these pictures of what they think real relationships should look like, giving every man and woman impossible standards to meet. Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t need to be sleeping with someone else's husband just to feel like I have a passionate love life.

5. They’re Tearing our Husbands Down.

I know some girls watch these shows with their husbands, wake up! They’re full of pornography. Seriously, if you cut all the talking out of these shows you’d be watching an X rated film. I know some of you are shaking your heads at me right now thinking I’m crazy, but if you’re honest with yourself you’d see it too. You're hurting your marriage by putting that stuff in front of your spouse, you’re supposed to help your husband keep his eyes and mind pure.

6. They Degrade Women

This one is rather ironic, especially in this day and age of “woman power”. These shows exploit woman to the fullest. Women are treated and presented as sex objects all throughout the shows. Sure they sugar coat it in the nicest way, but ultimately the women are there for sex appeal.

7. They are Brainwashing Single Women

I feel bad for the men who have to live up to the expectations of today’s single girls. Years of filling their minds with fantastical ideas of what a relationship looks like has left them looking for something unattainable. Unless you’re McSteamy or McDreamy you don’t stand a chance.

So, what’s the point in sharing all this with you? Well, hopefully some will evaluate what you’re watching and maybe reconsider what you allow into your mind. More importantly, I’d like to encourage my christian sisters to carefully consider what you recommend to younger girls to watch. You see, I started watching these shows years ago, not because of some advertisement I saw on TV, but because one of my Christian friends recommended them to me. I believe her exact words were, “They’re so good, bad, but SO good.” Do I blame her, of course not! I knew after the first episode I should not have been watching them. I made the decision to continually watch my guilty pleasure shows… and boy did they leave me feeling guilty.

To my single girlfriends, don’t poison yourself with these fake ideals and expectations of what a love relationship looks like. I’m here to tell you true, pure love as God intended it is much better than any Hollywood writer could ever depict!

So what are we supposed to watch, Little House on the Prairie?! I don’t know. I don’t really have the answer to that question. I’d say you know what you should and shouldn’t be watching, just listen to the Holy Spirit.

I recognize I probably stepped on a lot of figurative toes today, but I hope there is someone out there who can learn from my mistakes in this area.

Until next time… when I write something far more positive;-)