Let It Go!

Life is full of unknowns. The older I get the more I realize each stage of life comes with more responsibility and stress worthy difficulties.

In college I continually worried about my studies, so much so that I missed the college experience. I have always been a task driven person, and in college my only task was to walk across that stage and receive my diploma. I didn’t participate in any extra circular activities, I was the girl who went to class and left right after. Any extra time I had was spent in the studio working because I was afraid of falling behind.

Let it Go

As I type this, I look back on that time of my life with regret. I should have lived a little! I should have taken risks, I should have become a part of the college body instead of being a hermit with my projects. I shouldn’t have been so afraid.

Fast-forward, I’m now a wife, mother, and business owner. Talk about things to worry about! I could lose a lot of sleep over the responsibility and stress of just one of those things, let alone all three of them together. At times, I want to control every area of my life so I know how things will turn out. I want to make sure there are no surprises, no risks, no bad outcomes.

God has been convicting me of this lately, he’s simply shown me that I want a life without faith. I have battled this realization; however, I recognize it’s true when I look at my actions, especially when it comes to my daughter. I want to protect her from so much, but I’m not her protector; God is.

Truth is, my constant worried nature is hindering me from living. I don’t mean literally, I mean enjoying life as God intended. I just need to let go.

Francis Chan, a man that has complete faith and trust in God in all areas of his life, who I admire greatly for that, demonstrated this problem in our lives quite perfectly. Watch this video with an open heart, and try to be honest with yourself.

I should probably watch this everyday; It’s me for sure.

My encouragement to you is to let God do the worrying for you. Live by faith knowing God will take care of you! Take some risks, live a life that focus on reaching the world for Christ, rather than living a life that caters to your fears and insecurities of God’s plan for your life.

Let It Go!

“It” could be any thing in your life that is hindering you from having faith in God. Find out what you’re holding on to, and give it to God.