when life throws you lemons...but not enough for lemonade

Have you ever have one of those days where everything seems to be going wrong? Sometimes those days turn into weeks, months, and maybe years…

Well it’s been a few days of lemon throwing around here, and honestly it’s getting quite annoying. I feel like the Devil is really trying to steal my joy. No surprise there; it almost comes like clockwork anytime I’m serving in ministry that I fall under attack. This weekend I was scheduled to sing with the worship team at church and as soon I found out I could feel the battle starting.

All weekend Nadia was testing my patience, everything I was working on seemed to give me trouble, simple little things started to annoy me, and tension was forming between my husband and I for no reason at all. It’s times like these that I really have to make a conscious decision to choose joy and let the Devil know he’s not going to steal it from me!

After praying and getting through the weekend I was determined to have a good week and stay joyful.

But then Monday… oh Monday you’ve done it again! This morning we found out our car will be joining the scrap graveyard, and although we knew it was going to happen sooner than later I was mad. My mind started racing about all the reasons why this wasn’t what we needed right now. Within seconds I was letting the Devil win again.

I had to just stop. I grabbed my little baby girl and we went into the bedroom and prayed together. We prayed that God would work a miracle in our situation and that He would give us direction and understanding as we seek Him this week. Little Nadia prayed quietly next to me, and as soon as I was done she said, “Happy mommy?” Yes little Nadia, mommy is happy even though there’s not enough lemons for lemonade.  

For those of you having a bad day, or perhaps bad days, weeks, months or years, go to the One who can bring you joy. Don’t let the Devil sneak in, and if you already have don’t feel like it’s too late to push him out. Remind him where your joy comes from and let that scare him away.


Ps. A free bit of advice, jumping on the bed with your toddler has a strange and wonderful way of making problems seem very small ;)