The Times of Life

Today I have a guest blogger! April Fruchey graduated with her degree in biblical studies in 2009. She is now an Army wife and mother to four of the cutest little kids you've ever seen! Frankly, she is a wonder woman. I'm constantly amazed at her carefree attitude and content spirit. She is one of the strongest people I know in all areas of life. She will tell it to you straight, even if you didn't ask for it. The best part is, she's my sister ;-)

I asked April to share anything she wanted to, and I think you'll find what she has to say encouraging.

So, from April...

As I was thinking about what to write I was a little stumped, because I mean what does anyone want to hear from a stay at home mom of four, right? Well as I was cleaning, these verses popped in my head.

I had a few thoughts quickly follow, nothing stays long in my head these days (pregnant brain lasts for 6 months after birth they say) so I wrote it down to share. I figured it deals with a commodity we all have, but none of us know how much we have.

That precious and fleeting thing is TIME! More specifically, the “times” in our life; those seasons whether short or long, that make us and develop our innermost being

Now that I’m a mother, I filter these verses  differently. I see a time to weep and mourn as those times in the day when my kids are sad or hurt. A time to dance and laugh, as the simple joy and vitality that my children bring to our home. I see a time of breaking and building as a time to break bad habits and behaviors of my little ones while building strong character. A time of silence...NAP TIME!

However, the real blessing I find in this passage comes in verse 11. “ He hath made everything beautiful in his time:”.   All of us are in different seasons of life. Maybe you’re in a season of learning, or building a career; or perhaps you’re in a time of love and laughter. Maybe God has called you into a time of mourning and sadness. Perhaps there are those who are healing and trying to finding peace. Just know that God will make whatever season you are in beautiful as you wait on him.  

 I think of the weather seasons and how each one brings good and bad attributes. Winter can be so beautiful after a fresh clean snowfall, and yet it’s so cold we cringe as the cold air touches our faces. Summer is just gorgeous with the green grass, flowers, and cotton candy sunsets; yet when it reaches those hot temperatures we whine and complain.

    So it is with the seasons of life, they have their good parts and bad parts. We need to stay focused on the One who has us in the palm of His hand; the Creator of the seasons. Ask God to let you see the beauty in the season you are in! Sometimes I go through a few of these “time” every day. Other times I will go through a prolonged “season” and wonder where the beauty could possibly be. Comfort comes to me knowing God is in control of the seasons and He will work it out!

    In the words of Matthew Henry, “We must make the best of that which is, and must believe it best for the present, and accommodate ourselves to it: He has made everything beautiful in his time and therefore, while its time lasts, we must be reconciled to it: nay, we must please ourselves with the beauty of it.”.

As for some practical mom tips, Make “times” throughout your day for your children. As often as I can we have these “times”. Bible time (right after breakfast), clean up time (Before lunch and before daddy comes home), reading time (usually before bed); and now as Alethea starts preschool we will have learning time when Uriah and the twins sleep! I do this for myself, so I don't just let the day “happen”. It gives me some structure and purpose, while looking for the beauty in my seasons of life.


After April had her twins, we visited them for a short weekend. While we were there I documented what 24 hours looks like with four children under three. Forgive this simple video, it's not at all what I'd like it to be, but I wanted to include these photos since I thought they went perfectly with April's post. Be sure to watch in HD quality!

While there are crazy times in life, each moment is memory made with the ones we love.