To All the Moms Today

These are for the moms today.

I over heard a conversation between two moms in the store yesterday. They were talking about school starting and the woes of motherhood. After a few seconds I could tell each mom was trying to prove, through one way or another, that her life was harder. It was subtle, but came out in words like this; "just wait till they're in high school" or " oh, you've got it easy you only have two kids!" and on it went.

It reminded me of woman telling their birth stories. Every woman thinks she had it the worst. In all honestly, woman's birth stories are like men's fishing stories; the fish grows every time the story's told, and the labor and delivery is worse every time it's mentioned. Right?!😆

But then I got thinking, why do we woman do this? Why do we feel the need to let everyone know we have it so much worse than everyone?
It's because we want to feel appreciated.

We want people to know how hard we work for the ones we love. We want everyone to know we've put our lives on hold for our families. We want everyone to know our life is overwhelming, and crazy, and super stressful.

So to all you moms today, these flowers are for you. A small token of appreciation for your labor of love. For all the things you do that no one notices, for being a wife and mother over all else. You truly are the one we celebrate today.

You are super mom.👊🏻