Escape Goats

The unbiased love of a child.  

Children don't judge, they don't criticize. They love unconditionally. They can make anyone smile. They light up a dark room, they sense when something is wrong. They're innocent. Free from pride, predigest, and peer pressure. Free from envy, jealously, and hate.

Isn't it refreshing to be in the presence of little humans who haven't been tainted by the ugliness of mankind yet? It's a good reminder of how Christ intended us to treat and view others...with unconditional love. 

Sometimes us moms tend to be consumed with our children. So much so that we begin to limit our contact with adults. We have a million reasons as to why we can't spend time with friends and family, most of which are the kids. This happens in our marriages too. Sometimes it's easier to spend time with the kids because we want to avoid conflict.  

Little by little those precious little reminders of God's unconditional love become our "escape goat" in life. 

Why? Because it's easier. 

It's easy to love and care for someone who doesn't judge you. It's easy to give to someone who won't take you for granted.  It's easy to invest in someone who won't hurt you. It's easy because there's little emotional risk involved. It's easy because we're safe.

I don't have some sort of life changing idea here today; just a simple observation and challenge for you to evaluate your situation to see what needs adjusting. 

Are your kids your "escape goat" in life?