No Judgement

As I write this, I already feel judged. The idea of sharing my thoughts and ideas with the world scares me. I'm inadequate. 

Having this blog is against my nature. I'm a private person, perhaps to a fault. I'm a one friend kind of a girl, maybe two or three if I'm lucky. I've never had a lot of close friends because I honestly do better alone. I'm pretty much the opposite of your stereotypical 26 year old girl. My husband and I often laugh at that hard fact. 

I'm my worst critic. Seriously, it's a problem. It's taken me two hours to write two paragraphs because the first 6 were not good enough. I struggle with this daily, anyone of my siblings could tell you how crazy I am.

But, it's the way God made me. It's for that reason, I'm facing my fears and starting this blog. 

I'm nothing special, and to you I may be even less than that. But to God, and a few other people, I'm pretty important.

Also, my sister seems to think I should share my ideas with the world, so here I am. =]

So, I ask that you be gracious to me. I'm nervous to do this, but I'm also really excited!


The husband...the one who pushes me to be adventurous 

The husband...the one who pushes me to be adventurous 

Like I said, I'm nothing special but I think this could be fun and I'd love your support! I'm on Instagram, you can find me under lilpalma, and on Twitter @lilcjpalma.

Myrtle Beach 2015

Myrtle Beach 2015

Getting to know LilPalma

Since this is my first post, I though it appropriate to tell you a little bit about me. Which is completely awkward to do, but here it goes. 

  • I'm the 4th of ten children, and yes we all have the same parents.

  • Technically, I met my husband while in diapers. Romantic hu?!

  • I'm an artist. Received my degree in printmaking from Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester Ny. 

  • I've never seen Gone with the Wind.

  • The Office is my favorite TV show, but secretly it may be Little House on the Prairie. 

  • My favorite ice-cream flavor is mint chocolate chip, but it must have rainbow sprinkles. #sprinklesforlife 

  • Ghirardelli chocolate truffle crunch is on loan from heaven just for me.

  • My biggest pet peeve, hearing you chew! If I can hear you we probably can't be friends. Just kidding, but serious. 

  • I'm a photographer at  C R PHOTOS.

  • I love to sew, as long as the machine works. If not, I hate it. 

I like mugs.

I like mugs.

My little baby doll, Nadia.

My little baby doll, Nadia.

I'm eager to embark on this new adventure, it will be a challenge for sure. However, I feel God's leading and my sisters nudging, so here goes nothing, or..... something?