Listening Eyes

We came home from the gym this morning and as I began to go about my normal routine, this sight stopped me.

You see, 95% of the time I hang my coat up in the closet right away, but for whatever reason I hung mine here today. Nadia too has learned to put her coat away in its proper spot. She loves to put things away, so when she ran her shoes and coat back to her room I didn't pay much attention. 

After lunch I noticed that she had hung her coat in the "wrong" spot. I chuckled to myself and then it dawned on me... No matter what our children know to be true, or hear us say, our actions will always trump what they know. Nadia knows exactly where her coat goes, she's put it in the right spot many times before; but today she saw mommy's coat hanging on the door, so she wanted hers there too. 

A simple and clear reminder that children often times hear with their eyes better than they do with their ears. 

Happy Monday,