A Messy Life

So this is what life looks like lately.

The house is a mess, laundry for D-A-Y-Z ( I loathe doing laundry, like for real, it's the worst). I still haven't unpacked from our weekend of camping...btw camping requires a ton of packing; just incase you were wondering. Sweats and my husbands shirts have been my style of choice. And they're always on sale! Scratch that, they're free just check out his closet.

Not pictured is my toddler running around naked having a grand ol' time playing. We've colored, read, done her hair, had breakfast, done our school together and watched a movie. We're living in a mess. Something I'm slowly coming to terms with.

I'm one of those people who can't function in a mess...it's as if the world is attacking me. I can't focus, I'm not productive, and I'm stressed. This is a fault of mine, I put having a clean house over things that matter all to often. It's a common occurrence for me to be completely oblivious to the people in my own home as I scurry around cleaning it. 

Balance- that's what I've been trying to do. Balance my life. Balance my cleaning rampages, balance time with those that matter, balance work.

Its so easy to be overcome with life. We feel (because we assume everyone else is perfect) that we aren't  doing "life" good enough. Guess what, no one does. Everyone has something that they can't keep up on. Everyone has a problem they're dealing with. So let's be honest, we are a mess sometimes, and I'm okay with that.

You can be too, embrace your craziness and remember today only comes once...use those precious moments wisely.