Greener Grass

When it comes to life we tend to look at what's coming next. We live in world that fuels our feelings of discontentment. We judge ourselves based on those around us and we often feel like we aren't where we’d like to be. Especially us women.

We drag ourselves into a state of discontentment and envy, it slowly causes jealousy and bitterness. Before we know it we’re resenting a person behind a screen…We sit there and think, why does it always seem better for everyone else.

Why is the grass greener on the other side?

The truth is, we know the answer to that question, we just don’t realize it. Let me share a little secret with you all, life isn’t always what it seems.

Imagine this, you’ve just moved into your freshly built home. You’ve waited a long time for this dream to come true! You stand in your driveway admiring your shiny new abode when your eyes meet the reality of your new sandbox of a yard. Quickly you think about your options...plant grass or lay sod.

Laying sod would solve the problem almost immediately. You’d have some plush grass to complement your new home in no time at all.

And so it is in life. We often want the best of everything right away for the world to see. We want a perfect marriage, darling children, and a happy home. We want the sod choice in life. Sure we’ll work a little extra hard in the begining to ensure it all looks good, but that’s all that matters. As long as there’s a good picture to post, we’re all set.

Planting seed...this requires more work and the results take longer. Your yard will be brown for a while, and maybe your life will be too. However, eventually little blades of green grass will begin to cover your lawn. You see, planting seed, watering it, and caring for it makes you appreciate the end result so much more. You’ll fight harder to protect those seeds from little birds who want to eat them if you’ve invested time and energy into them. You’ll want to document the journey of growth, not necessarily the finished product.

Life can be funny sometimes, we are so pressured to have everything “together”. We get wrapped up in maintaining our picture perfect facades that we neglect the most important part of growth in our lives. It’s the journey from the seed to the blade that matters. Life brings storms, and storms bring rain. More rain creates greener grass, it’s a simple cycle; one we can choose to embrace or choose to drown in.

It’s a matter of perspective. The truth is, we determine the color of our “grass”. We can look and see a yard full of dirt that needs to be covered, or we can see the potential journey it holds as part of our life story. 

My challenge to you is to focus on the good of today. Tomorrow will be there tomorrow. Stop living for the greener side of life or you’ll miss living in the beautiful spring. Don’t get caught up in the highlight reel of people's lives (as my good friends says), it’s not always what it seems. Take these verses to heart and remember, you determine the color of your grass.

"Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content." -Philippians 4:11

"But godliness with contentment is great gain." -1 Timothy 6:6

Whatever state of life you’re in be content. Be more than content, be thankful and happy for your journey of growth.