Womans Day and Your Daughter

As I reflect on the material that has been plastered all over social media today, and over the past few months, it saddens me to have to raise my daughter in this day and age.

While I’m a strong supporter of woman, I can’t be more displeased with the amount of hypocrisy I see in this anti-male movement (let’s just call it what it is). I believe woman should have all the same rights as men. I believe we should be treated fairly. I believe we should be paid according to our performance, and we should be given equal opportunity. I also believe no one gender is better than the other. I also know we’re all human beings with thoughts, emotions, and feelings, created in the image of God. We each have something unique to offer.

However, this movement screams hatred. Hatred towards men. Hatred towards opposing woman. Hatred towards people in general. Whatever happened to the golden rule? What happened to general kindness? If women are going to make a good difference in this world I promise it’s not going to be through spreading hate like they are right now. If the future is truly “female” then why is it that some of the most hateful things come from other women around me?

If today’s feminist is what my daughter is supposed to become…that makes my heart cringe. I want my daughter to be a strong leader; a woman who can speak her mind without trading her dignity for an agenda. I want her to value life, all life. I want her to do something great, and be recognised for it. But that doesn't mean she has to degrade and trample anyone who doesn't think or believe the same way she does. She can be great, and we live in country that makes that a real possibility.

Right now, I’m the woman she’s looking to for everything. I’m the one she’s learning from, the one she want to mimic. I’m the one paving the way for her future as a woman, so today I’m reminded to celebrate that reality. The blessing that for a few short years I can teach her to be kind, to love, to use her brain, to work hard, to find her strengths and develop her skill set. It’s my job to show her how girls AND boys are supposed to be treated. So yes, I do celebrate today because it means I have the choice and the freedom to do so in a way that’s actually celebrating the rights I have as a #woman.