Be Still

You know how life sometimes throws you lemons? Well, sometimes life throws you a runny nose too, which I might add isn’t as appealing as lemonade.

Myself and little one have come down with some sort of bug that has left us clawing at the tissues every three seconds. We’ve spent lots of time cuddling and wandering around the house as we try to make the best of this little virus. The dishes are piling up quite nicely, blankets and pillows are scattered throughout the house, and we’ve watched Tinker Bell six times today. I haven’t worked at all, which of course leaves me feeling overwhelmed and lazy.

Oh the irony...You know God will get ahold of us through some strange ways.

I’m quite literally hosting a Bible study about the importance of making time for the “sabbath” in our lives. Taking time away from the good things God has given us that may be elevated to an unhealthy place in our lives. As I do this study I’m starting to realize I’ve been measuring my worth and accomplishments by the amount of work I get done in a day. Being a business owner there is always work to do, add mommy and wife to that job description and there’s essentially nothing that doesn’t fall under my responsibilities. I don’t mind being busy, I like to work hard and have something to show for it.

But what’s the point if I can never enjoy some down time?

I emphasize enjoy because I struggle enjoying being “still’  (Psalms 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God:"). So God has taken this sickness and made me realize I need to be still, I need to take a break. I can’t work to my full potential if I’m continually letting my work dictate my thoughts and actions.

So to the working moms, take a little time to be still today. Your fresh perspective will enable you to succeed in all areas of your life!


Excuse me while I get back to cuddling...