Comfy Casual and a Cute Little Side Kick

Being a photographer has its perks when it comes to dressing for work. Most of the time, with the exception of weddings, I can dress pretty casual. However, I still need to be somewhat professional when working with clients. All that to say, I have a lot of freedom. 

My only struggle is making sure everything stays where it needs to be, obviously taking photos requires a lot of movement. You can't get a perfect picture without doing some sort of acrobatic move. ;-) This is where the semi high waisted pant shines for me!

Ryan snapped these after a session a few weeks back, I love that my little girl is with me. 

Comfy Work Clothes

I'm a fan of tucked flowy shirts these days. This one I found at Marshall's, the store that makes you work hard but rewards you at the register. Also, black on blue is becoming my go-to look.

Glasses....The love hate relationship I have with them! I need them, but they sure do drive me crazy at times. I'd say they look cuter on my side kick. 

                      These jeggings are from Forever 21. They were 9 dollars, #winning obviously! Nadia's outfit is from the Gap Outlet

                          Shoes are from Bass Outlet, the most comfortable shoes ever! I LOVE them, and they go with practically everything. 

                                    The child is not for sale...but if you surrender your body for nine months you could get one for free!





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