High Waisted Up

I've been putting this off because I haven't taken any recent pictures in high waisted pants. But who says I can't write about them twice! So for now, here are two simple ways to wear high waisted pants. 

Dress and casual.

These pictures are probably 4 months old now, but they do the trick. First off, the semi dress pant. These are from Target (the store no woman can say no to). They're a little 70's and I'm okay with that, after all they did have fun in the 70's right?! ;-)

A simple tucked shirt works for these. A flowy top with flowy pants can be a little too much, especially if you're short like me. Those tall skinny girls can pull it off though! 

Yes, the backpack and tank top are also from Target. I promise I do shop at other stores, Target just happen to be within walking distance form me.


And now for the casual look. Jeans with a tank top. 


Jeans can be a little trickier, the fit has to be right or they'll make your hips look huge. The height of the jean also needs to fall in the right spot of your waist to give you an hourglass shape. I'd say try on several sizes, you never know how each one will fit.  

The type of jean is also really important. Too much "stretch" in the fabric isn't good, and neither is a stiff denim. Find that perfect middle ground and go with that. These are from Charlotte Russe. 

Happy shopping;-)