Ivory and Ruffles

This Sunday my mom threw a little tea party for my sister's 9th birthday. Since tea parties are as girly as it gets, it was a ruffles and lace type of day. After the party my little family took a walk around our old stomping grounds, Roberts Wesleyan College. We were checking out a new building on campus, or as we often call it-our tuition dollars at work. 

Find these shoes  here !

Find these shoes here!

We didn't have the camera with us since it wasn't a planned walk, so I just had Ryan take a few photos with my phone. Not the best quality, but they do the job. 

This dress, well technically I don't know if it's a dress or shirt, (I wore shots with it) came from Free People. It's light frilly and easy, and that's why I like it. 

As much as I like the dress the shoes are hard competition. These were an awesome find for sure. They are made by Wet Seal, but I found them at Burlington Coat Factory for $5! They have been my summer favorites. 

And of course, wearing frills gives anyone the right to act like a little girl. ;-)

I've been doing my hair up like this a lot lately; it's easy and still trendy. I have a lot of hair so I just do a normal ponytail and pull out the top to achieve that bump, teasing would work too. 

I think that's all for this time. I'll leave you with a few behind the scenes photos of what it's like to take photos with a 16 month old around. 



Ps. By request, my next wardrobe post will be about how to wear high waisted clothes! For any specific questions you'd like answered, comment below!