Where I Shop

A little fashion inspiration for you all today! I get asked where I shop all the time and my typical answer is “wherever there’s a sale”.  While that’s true, I do have my go-to stores for my wardrobe staples.

If I’m looking for pants or shorts the first place I’m going is Charlotte Russe. You’ve heard me say it over and over, I love their pants. They fit me better than any other pants I have, but American Eagle is a close second.

My second go-to store is Forever 21, I’ve shopped there for years. They’re inexpensive and carrie a variety of styles which has always been good for me and my ever changing figure. They have everything from dresses, workout clothes, jeans, lingerie, shoes, and trendy jewelry to complete your ensemble. Can’t go wrong there, my only caution would be to dress your age. Nothing is worse than mother who’s knocking on 30’s door trying to dress like she’s 18. Keep it classy.

My newest favorite place to shop is Jane.com. They have some incredible daily deal! It’s a collection of boutique shops selling things online. I’ve gotten some really cute things for my daughter as well as myself. They have a lot of trendy dresses on there too, I’ve purchased a few and have loved every single one! Worth a look for sure!

Marshalls and Burlington, secret gems! Name brands for half the price. Not only do they have great clothing, but their household items are extremely reasonable and trendy. I get most of my husband's clothing from these two stores, their men's department is unlike any other!

Of course there’s always Target, however I’m growing less and less impressed with them. The clothing is extremely over priced. Add that to the fact that every mom shops there and you’re left with a $22 dollar shirt that you and every other woman will be wearing next week. I still find an occasional dress or sweater I will purchase there, but more times than not you’ll find me in the homegoods department of Target, not the clothing area. I will say that I get a lot of shoes from Target, I’m a fan of the shoe department.

Surprisingly, I will always make a stop in Aeropostale. I know, it’s a store that’s completely out of my age range, however they actually have a really good collection of pants, leggings, and sweaters on a regular basis. This is another store that has great prices daily, so give them a shot you may be surprised!

Old Navy is awesome for little kids clothes, and their clearance rack has given me some wonderful additions to my own wardrobe as well. Typically I don't really like the their adult selection but that has changed within the last year or so, I’ve found some pretty cute things there.

There are plenty of stores I won’t even step foot in because I know they’re completely reasonable (for my budget that is). So if you’re wondering why some popular stores aren't listed that’s why.

Happy shopping!