Fall Sweaters

I'm still alive. I've been glued to the computer trying to catch up on editing. Six sessions and one wedding to go before I'm there! In the meantime, here are a few pictures Ryan snapped after one of our sessions a few weeks ago. 

A typical work look for me in during the fall, colored pants, boots, and a sweater; easy and comfortable. 

Sweater-Forever 21

Pants- Charlotte Russe

Boots- Just Fab

Hair-It's just naturally that crazy. 

Speaking of hair, thanks for all the ideas you guys gave me on Instagram about your favorite hair growth methods! I think I'm going to get Biotin, it seems to be the #1 recommended choice by you all ;-) To all my curly haired readers out there, what are your favorite products that don't make your hair crunchy or sticky? I haven't found a single product that can control my frizz while keeping my curls soft. Help!  #curlyhairproblems