Spring is Coming!

It's hard to believe I know, but it really is! Spring is such a hopeful time of year, the best weather is in front of us and it means we've survived another winter. At this point I've had enough of the layering, I'm ready for T-shirts, dresses and bare feet, can I get an Amen?!

We got a little spring teaser when we visited my in-laws last month in South Carolina, which only made me want sunshine even more! So as you're cleaning out your closets and looking for some versatile and simple spring clothing options I wanted to share my favorite T-shirt line. 

I wear this shirt and these jeans far more than I'd like to admit. The shirt is my favorite color right now, and the jeans fit like a glove, which is always a struggle for me!

T-shirt- American Eagle Softest best fitting T-shirt I've ever owned, and it's on sale right now!

Pants: Charlotte Russe In store, buy one get one for $15.

Boots: Target all shoes buy one get one 50% off right now! Don't mind the fringe, it has a mind of its own ;-)