Fall Wardrobe Staples

lilpalma scarf

It's my favorite time of year! I'm a lover of the beach and sun, but fall is my favorite season for sure. And yes, it's all because of the clothes, can I get an "amen" for layering! Fall outfits are probably the easiest to put together, you just need a few staples. 

Let's start with my favorite go-to accessory, the scarf. 

1. Since it's fall, you need to have a mustard colored accessory, it doesn't have to be a scarf, but it's the easiest thing to find. You can purchase this one here!

2. A chunky infinity, it's a must. Get a neutral color for those outfits that already have a lot of color or print. No surprise, my go to store has these all the time. 

3. For almost every outfit, the black scarf is your best friend. It's also a doable accessary for those of you who have a hard time picking colors. Best part, it's $5 right now here!

4. The printed scarf. It screams fall, and it's super trendy right now. Branch out! These are perfect for more bland outfits, they liven up the wardrobe.





1. Next let's talk about how hats are making a come back, and I'm all about them. Well, I guess we've always worn hats but not these kind. I'm feeling like Maria Von Trapp rocking this number 1.  Don't worry, I won't break out into song. 

2. We all need a bag that goes with everything, but that can get boring so look for a bag that has come character! Fringe is in...just do it. 

3. & 4. It's all in the way you wear it. I'll demonstrate later on, but it's suppose to slouch ladies ;-) This one is super cute too.

5. I use this every day. It serves as my diaper bag/junk collector and wallet holder while still looking fashionable. In other words, it's a glorified mom bag. 









Nothing says fall like boots...

1. We all need a wedge boot. Why? Because they're the best of both worlds, heals in flat form! They're comfortable easy and can dress up a more casual look. 

2 . The combat boot. They've come a long way hu?! I love the light colored ones, they go with practically everything.

3. & 4. Just some more staples for your fall wardrobe. 

5. The absolute must, a knee high boot. Find one that's good quality and warm. Save up a little or wait for the end of season sale, you won't regret it. This example is cheaper quality, but better than most in the same price range.  

6. I have these and I wear them more than any other boot I have, black goes with everything. 



Finally, the chunky sweaters. I actually haven't found one that I've liked enough tot purchase yet, so if you have any ideas let me know! 

1. I really like this one, but I feel like I need to try it on before purchasing. Since this one is online only, I've been a little leery. 

2. I like this one too, I'm all about the big collars on big sweaters, they act as a scarf. 

3. Let's be real here, fall also means sweat shirts and sweat pants, but that doesn't mean you can't still be cute. I love this hoodie/sweater for those bummy days when you still want to look and feel decent. 

4. Plaid. All day every day! I love it, and the fact that it is a jacket makes it even cooler. Layer it with a thermal and chunky scarf and you are set!








I'm putting a post together about how to actually wear these things, so stay tuned! Also, I found this new site recently they have the cutest stuff priced really well. I haven't ordered anything from them yet, but I'm excited to try them out! I'll let you know how it goes. I also just subscribed to Birchbox, another thing I'm really excited about. I'll post about it once it comes, I've heard great things about them! Any subscribers out there? Is it worth it? Do you like it? 

Okay, hope you got some inspiration for your fall wardrobe! 

One last tip, shop online for accessories! For some reason they're almost always cheaper. Those two chunky scarves are $22 in Target stores but half that price online. 


Happy fall girls!