#MyNaturalFrizz: A New Years Resolution

This year I've grown in areas of my life in ways I didn't think were possible, but that's a post for another time in the near future. Today’s post is more light hearted and fun. Every year December rolls around and we start thinking about changes we want to make in the coming year. It's a time of evaluation and reflection which leads to some really great ideas. However, those ideas fade and we lose sight of our goals before we've even set them.

This year I don't have any big goals I'm trying to reach. I just want one thing..for my hair to grow! I know, so not significant in the grand scheme of life.

Anyway, I feel that goals work best when we take them one day at a time. So for the month of January, one day at a time, I'm not using heat on my hair. No curling, no blow drying, no straightening. My sister bet me $20 I couldn't do it, let's just say I already have plans for the $20 I'll be making when it's over. ;-)

I thought this could be a fun challenge to do with some other girls, so I'm creating the hashtag #mynaturalfrizz to use on social media to document the process. Why frizz? You'll know soon enough. I also bought Biotin that I'll be taking daily, so hopefully I'll see some progress this month!

So here it is, the last day of straightened hair.

Long hair please

Obviously my hair needs a break from heat, so who's with me? Any takers?