Stripes for life

So this will probably be my favorite part of the blog, weekly fashion posts. I love style, and while I haven't always been the most fashionable, I have fun with my clothes. Each week I'll share an outfit or two with you all. Most likely it will be one of my wardrobe choices, but occasionally it may be my little tyke or my handsome husband (if he allows). 

To start we'll go casual...I got this shirt/tunic online from SheIn. Normally I'd be leery of sites like this, but I've ordered a few things from them and have loved them all so far! I will just say, check the reviews on each thing you look at, if there are consumer pictures trust those.  

I'm a sucker for oversized boyfriend T-shirts like this. They're perfect for all seasons, and they're extremely versatile. For me, this one is good for working. Being a photographer requires a lot of movement, especially when there are kiddos involved. I like to be comfortable and covered, so more times then not I'll wear something like this for work. 

The shorts are from Charlotte Russe, one of my favorite stores, trendy and inexpensive. Great shoes and jewelry there too.

These shoes, which are quickly becoming my favorite, are from Bass. Whenever we are in Lake Placid we stop at the Bass outlet store. Ryan is usually the one to get shoes from there but this year it was my turn!

No fancy jewelry or accessories on this day, I was working so the camera and lenses were my accessories.

Until next time,