Spa Day Give Away!

Us girls need a little break here and there, Amen?  Well guess what, I've got just the place for you! 

I'm the first to admit I don't let my brain turn off. It's constantly running, letting me know all the work I need to get done. But every once in a while, I shove it in a box and ignore it. This day, It was for my first ever facial. 

I was treated like a queen at the Woodhouse, It was complete rest and relaxation the entire time. A foreign concept for mothers...right?

The facilities were beautiful. Every room perfectly manicured and cleaned. 

Everything was so cozy. Each element doing its job in making sure I enjoyed ever moment of my stay!

My facial was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

So relaxing, very professional. I'm usually very uncomfortable doing spa stuff, but not here. I felt completely comfortable the entire time. 

They also have some little goodies all girls love in the gift shop!

My eyes lit up when I saw this stuff! Wish I had it when I was pregnant! 

I purchased this little facial sampler and haven't been disappointed! I especially like the toner included, it's a dream.

They have everything from essential oils to slipper here! You won't be disappointed, I promise. 

Oh and while we're at it, want to go for free? Let's make that happen! 

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For additional entries tag your friends in the comment area of FB and Instagram. 

Winner will be chosen at random and receive a $100 gift card on spa serviced at the Woodhouse!

A winner will be announced Wednesday 7. 27. 2016!

Good luck!


Merry Christmas to YOU!

It's been a quiet month of blogging, or not blogging I should say, work has kept me really busy this month. After Christmas life will go back to normal and I'll get back into the swing of things I promise. In the mean time, I think you all deserve the chance to win a little something special this Christmas! 

I'm giving away my favorite eye shadow pallet. For all the Naked Pallet lovers out there, I'm telling you this is way better; I have both brands and the L'Oreal pallet is so much better! 

To enter:

1. Comment below with your favorite Christmas tradition

2. Follow me on Instagram

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For additional entries tag your friends in the comment area of FB and Instagram. 

Winner will be announced December 26th, and will receive everything pictured below ;-) 

These are my two favorite shadow brushes, I know you'll love them too. 

The perfect purse sized Shea Butter. 

Tarte Lashes for the hand bag!

Merry Christmas everyone!